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About Us

Unicell have been established in Singapore since 1986 started off as the one of the supplier for batteries in Singapore. Since then, we have been supplying batteries to millitary, hospital, telecom, government departments, schools, R&D centre, service repair centre and now we are one of the largest supplier in Singapore and we hold the largest selection of battery for all your requirements. We are the specialist of supplying mobile powers and related power products for all types of small to large size electronics circuits and devices. Our aim is to serve your power needs. We will continue to work on to expand and improve our power products to serve you more and better.

Our Brands

We have created products of brand names such as UNICELL, TOMS, SPRON and Supertronics. All these are the brands of our Unicell products. Not only we manufacture our own brand of products, we also trade and supply other leading brands of battery and power related products.

Our Specialty

  • We are the specialist of supplying mobile power and related products and powers for small to large size electronic circuits and devices.
  • We have the largest selection range of batteries for all requirements, such as for your notebook, portable video & music player, mobile handphones and other mobile devices etc..
  • We have a large selection range of popular consumer powers such as...
    • For homes & businesses - We have notebook power adaptor, computer power supply, uninterruptible power supply, universal power adaptor, universal power & battery charger, power converter (AC to AC, DC to AC, DC to DC), etc.
    • For vehicles - We have universal notebook power adaptor, uninterruptible power supply, universal power charger & battery charger, universal power converter (DC to AC, DC to DC), etc.
    • Power accessories like power cable & cord, socket, connectors, jack and many more..
  • We also design and manufacture your unique power needs.