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    CR-26500 3V lithium battery

    CR-26500 3V lithium battery

    3V size C lithium battery

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    3V CR26500SE Lithium battery supply by UNICELL Singapore

    UNICELL a Leading battery product supplier in Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Philippines Brunei and Thailand since 1986, we carry more the 66,000 model

    Order code:                 CR-C

    Categories:                  3V Primary lithium battery (Li-MnO2 cell)

    Open circuit voltage:   3.0V

    Nominal voltage:         3.0V

    Capacity:                     5000mAh (1mA to 2.0V)

    Description:                 3V Primary Lithium-manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) battery

    Size:                            Diameter (Dia) 26mm x Height (H) 50 mm + 1

    Weight                         55g

    Max. Continuous current: 2000mA / 2A

    Max. Pulse current:    3000Ma / 3A

    Operating temperature range: -30°C to +60°C

    Transport: UN 3090


    Storage:                      +30°C (recommended) for severe conditions, consult UNICELL

    Applications: for High drain / high pulses applications requesting superior voltage response in -40°C to +60°C environment such as medical treatment instrument, electronic lock, electronic meter (water meter, gas meter, etc), Power source of memory backup meter


    Fit or replace battery part no.: (Cross refer or compatible chart)

    CR26500SE battery

    CR26500 battery

    Friwo Type M52 EX SVKP/036

    Panasonic BR-C battery

    Saft M 52 EX SV battery

    Toms CR-C battery

    Unicell CR26500 battery

    Unicell CR-C

    Fit or replace product model: (Cross refer or compatible chart)

    Atex applications



    • Don’t make the battery short-circuit,
    • do not try to charge it, don’t over discharge it ,
    • do not disassemble it Press or burn the battery over 100°C.
    • Do not put the inside of the battery into the water
    • on fire it will explode


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