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     Toshiba, Cb17, Gdm710000041, P000257640, P000268840, P000309170, P71035016113, P71035017110, P71050004119 battery

    Toshiba, Cb17, Gdm710000041, P000257640, P000268840, P000309170, P71035016113, P71035017110, P71050004119 battery

    2.4V 20mAh cmos ni-mh battery for Toshiba, Cb17, Gdm710000041, P000257640, P000268840, P000309170, P71035016113, P71035017110, P71050004119 battery

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    Backup and cmos RTC battery supply by UNICELL in Singapore

    UNICELL a leading battery product supplier in Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Philippines Brunei and Thailand since 1986, we carry more the 66,000 model

    Order code: UMBU100209

    2.4V 20mAh cmos ni-mh battery

    Unit Price: S$ 9.00 ( include 7% GST)


    Fit or replace part no.: (Cross refer or compatible chart)

    Toshiba CB17

    Toshiba GDM710000041

    Toshiba P000257640

    Toshiba P000268840

    Toshiba P000309170

    Toshiba P71035016113


    Fit or replace product model no.: (Cross refer or compatible chart)

    Toshiba DynaBook CX/3214CMSW, DynaBook DB50C/DC8, DynaBook Satellite 2710 P50/4CA, DynaBook Satellite 4360 battery

    Toshiba Portege A600-S2201, Portege A600-S2202, Portege A600-SP2801A, Portege A600-SP2801C, Portege A600-SP2801R, Portege A600-ST2230, Portege A600-ST2231, Portege A600-ST2232, Portege A605-P200, Portege A605-P201, Portege A605-P210, Portege M400, Portege M400 Tablet PC, Portege M400-100, Portege M400-103, Portege M400-104, Portege M400-105, Portege M400-106, Portege M400-109, Portege M400-111, Portege M400-116, Portege M400-120, Portege M400-131, Portege M400-132, Portege M400-134, Portege M400-138, Portege M400-168, Portege M400-169, Portege M400-176, Portege M400-EZ5031, Portege M400-EZ5031 Tablet PC, Portege M400-S4031, Portege M400-S4031 Tablet PC, Portege M400-S4032, Portege M400-S4032 Tablet PC, Portege M400-S4033, Portege M400-S4034, Portege M400-S4035, Portege M400-S5032, Portege M400-S5032 Tablet PC, Portege M400-S5032X Tablet PC, Portege M400-S933, Portege M400-S933 Tablet PC, Portege M400-ST4001, Portege M400-ST4001 Tablet PC, Portege M400-ST4035, Portege M400-ST9113, Portege M400-ST9113 Tablet PC, Portege M405-S8003, Portege M410, Portege M500, Portege M500-P140, Portege M500-P1401, Portege M500-P141, Portege M500-P1411, Portege M700, Portege M700 Tablet PC, Portege M700-139, Portege M700-13A, Portege M700-13P, Portege M700-S7001X, Portege M700-S7002, Portege M700-S7003V, Portege M700-S7003X, Portege M700-S7004V, Portege M700-S7004X, Portege M700-S7005V, Portege M700-S7005X, Portege M700-S7008, Portege M700-S7008X, Portege M700-S7043V, Portege M700-S7043X, Portege M700-S7044V, Portege M700-S7044X, Portege M700-SP1802, Portege M750-S7201, Portege M750-S7202, Portege M750-S7211, Portege M750-S7212, Portege M750-S7213, Portege M750-S7241 battery

    Toshiba tecra A10-16K cmos battery

    Toshiba Portege A600 / A605 Series

    A600-S2201 (PPA60U-007008)

    A600-SP2801R (PPA60U-007RL2)

    PPA60U-00L019, PPA60U-00L01C

    Toshiba Portege M400 / M405 Series

    M400-EZ5031 (PPM40U-2KX03W)

    M400-S4031 (PPM40U-1CL03C)

    M400-S4032 (PPM41U-003001)

    M400-S4034 (PPM41U-006005)

    M400-S5032 (PPM40U-2KY03X)

    M400-S5032X (PPM40U-2V8065)

    M400-S933 (PPM40U-01000E)

    M400-ST9113 (PPM40U-01800D)

    M405-S8003 (PPM40U-00R01H)

    PPM40C-1200TE, PPM40C-1200TEF, PPM40C-TD10TE, PPM40C-TD30TE, PPM40C-TD30TEF, PPM40U-02H01T, PPM40U-02K01K59, PPM40U-02K01T, PPM40U-02M01T, PPM40U-02N01K, PPM40U-02N01V, PPM40U-02N02Q, PPM40U-03101V, PPM40U-03501K, PPM40U-03501K59, PPM40U-03N00E, PPM40U-03Y00E, PPM40U-05S01T, PPM40U-06001T, PPM40U-06001V, PPM40U-06500E, PPM40U-06800E, PPM40U-08801T, PPM40U-08D00D, PPM40U-0D500D, PPM40U-0E900D, PPM40U-0EE00D, PPM40U-0FZ01K, PPM40U-0G801K, PPM40U-0G801K59, PPM40U-0G901K, PPM40U-0G901K59, PPM40U-0JQ01T, PPM40U-0JY01K, PPM40U-0K101K, PPM40U-0KC00E, PPM40U-0LE00D, PPM40U-0MU01T, PPM40U-0R000D, PPM40U-0R201K, PPM40U-0R601K, PPM40U-0RR01K, PPM40U-0S701K, PPM40U-0V701K, PPM40U-0WL01T, PPM40U-0X200E, PPM40U-10J01X, PPM40U-11P01T, PPM40U-14J01K, PPM40U-16K00E, PPM40U-17P01K, PPM40U-18V01K, PPM40U-18W01K, PPM40U-1C901T, PPM40U-1D800E, PPM40U-1FD01K, PPM40U-1HQ00D, PPM40U-1J300E, PPM40U-1K201K, PPM40U-1WF01K, PPM40U-1WS01T, PPM40U-1WT01K, PPM40U-1WT01T, PPM40U-1YE01K, PPM40U-20201K, PPM40U-21N01K, PPM40U-21T01V, PPM40U-2EK01K, PPM40U-2EK01T, PPM40U-2FS01K, PPM40U-2FS01T, PPM40U-2H601V, PPM40U-2J801K, PPM40U-2JN01K, PPM40U-2K701K, PPM40U-2L101T, PPM40U-2L601K, PPM40U-2L901T, PPM40U-2PD01K, PPM40U-2PG01K, PPM40U-2PN02Q, PPM40U-2PU01T, PPM40U-2R501K, PPM40U-2T701K, PPM40U-2U300E, PPM40U-2WS05G, PPM40U-2XD05P, PPM40U-2XG05P, PPM40U-2Y605G, PPM40U-2Y905C, PPM40U-2YM05C, PPM40U-32805G, PPM40U-39S01K, PPM40U-39W05F, PPM40U-3D001K, PPM40U-3DS05C, PPM40U-3LW01K, PPM40U-3PD01T, PPM40U-3PV05C, PPM40U-3PV05F, PPM40U-3RP05F, PPM40U-3T601T, PPM40U-3U501K, PPM40U-3UR05C, PPM40U-3V9061

    Toshiba Portege M500 Series

    PPM51C-GF201E, PPM51C-GF201EF, PPM51C-GF501E

    Toshiba Portege M700 Series

    M700-S7001X (PPM70U-01W01J)

    M700-S7002 (PPM70U-01V01H)

    M700-S7003X (PPM70U-03M01J)

    M700-S7004V (PPM70U-0J101H)

    M700-S7004X (PPM70U-0J201J)

    M700-S7005X (PPM70U-0GJ031)

    M700-S7043V (PPM70U-09X038)

    M700-S7043X (PPM70U-03M039)

    M700-S7044V (PPM70U-0J1038)

    M700-S7044X (PPM70U-0J2039)

    M700-SP1801 (PPM70U-01Y01L)

    M700-SP1802 (PPM70U-0ND03G)

    M700-ST7008 (PPM70U-01R01D)

    M700-ST7008X (PPM70U-03S02E)

    PPM70C-0070GC, PPM70C-0090GC, PPM70C-03W0GC, PPM70U-01G01E, PPM70U-01R02Q, PPM70U-01R03J, PPM70U-02N01J, PPM70U-03801J, PPM70U-04C01E, PPM70U-04N01E, PPM70U-06N01E, PPM70U-07N02K, PPM70U-08X02E, PPM70U-09X01H, PPM70U-0C901J, PPM70U-0CG01J, PPM70U-0DU01J, PPM70U-0F701J, PPM70U-0FJ01D, PPM70U-0GH032, PPM70U-0GN01D, PPM70U-0KM02E, PPM70U-0LP01E, PPM70U-0RF01E, PPM70U-0RG01H, PPM70U-0RL01E, PPM70U-0S501E, PPM70U-0V9045, PPM70U-0W904N, PPM70U-11F01J, PPM70U-1E301D, PPM70U-1F701D, PPM70U-1FL01E, PPM70U-1KK01D

    Toshiba Portege M750 Series

    M750-S7201 (PPM75U-016015)

    M750-S7202 (PPM75U-017015)

    M750-SP1801R (PPM75U-01DRL3)

    Toshiba Portege R200 / R205 Series

    R200-S2031 (PPR21U-01702F)


    Toshiba Portege R300 Series

    PPR30C-MD201E, PPR30C-MD201EF

    Toshiba Portege R400 / R405 Series

    R400-S4831 (PPR40U-00K012)

    R400-S4832 (PPR40U-00N012)

    R400-S4833 (PPR40U-00N013)

    R400-S4834 (PPR40U-00V012)

    R400-S4835 (PPR40U-00V013)

    R400-S4931 (PPR40U-00J00S, PPR40U-00J015)

    R400-S4933 (PPR40U-00U015)

    PPR40C-00H09E, PPR40C-00H09EF

    Toshiba Portege R500 / R505 Series

    R500-S5001X (PPR50U-036020)

    R500-S5002 (PPR50U-035020)

    R500-S5002X (PPR50U-00V01Y)

    R500-S5003 (PPR50U-03X020, PPR50U-03X020B)

    R500-S5004 (PPR50U-02M01W, PPR50U-02M01WB)

    R500-S5005 (PPR50U-02T01W)

    R500-S5006V (PPR50U-07Y08R)

    R500-S5006X (PPR50U-07X020)

    R500-S5007V (PPR50U-08008R, PPR50U-08008RB)

    R500-S5008X (PPR50U-08K09D, PPR50U-08K09DB)

    R500-S5632 (PPR50U-00V01W)

    R505-SP9018 (PPR50U-03F03L)

    PPR50C-00V09C, PPR50C-02G08C, PPR50C-SP109C, PPR50C-SP209C

    Toshiba Portege R600 Series

    R600-S4201 (PPR60U-01700C)

    R600-S4202 (PPR60U-01900C)

    R600-SP2801R (PPR60U-013RL1)

    PPR61C-01409C, PPR61C-VH309C

    Toshiba Qosmio G30 / G35 Series

    G35-AV600 (PQG30U-00P006, PQG30U-00P006B)

    G35-AV650 (PQG31U-016007)

    G35-AV660 (PQG32U-00C008)

    PQG31C-HD202E, PQG31C-HD202EF, PQG32C-AV402E, PQG32C-AV402EF, PQG32C-AV605E, PQG32C-AV605EF

    Toshiba Qosmio G40 / G45 Series

    G45-AV680 (PQG41U-001001)

    G45-AV690 (PQG43U-002001)


    Toshiba Qosmio G50 / G55 Series

    G55-Q801 (PQG55U-01Y024)

    G55-Q802 (PQG55U-02102C)

    G55-Q804 (PQG55U-03103D)

    Toshiba Satellite A50 / A55 Series

    A55-S1064 (PSA5SU-09F00D)

    Toshiba Satellite R20 / R25 Series

    R25-S3503 (PSR20U-00T009)

    R25-S3513 (PSR20U-0FL009)


    Toshiba Satellite U200 / U205 Series

    U200-SP7021 (PLUA0U-078016)

    U205-S5002 (PLUA0U-01D018)

    U205-S5021 (PLUA0U-014017)

    U205-S5022 (PLUA0U-014018)

    U205-S5034 (PLUA0U-07Q02U)

    U205-S5044 (PLUA0U-06702U)

    U205-S5057 (PLUA0U-0M1042)

    U205-S5058 (PLUA0U-0M1043)

    U205-S5067 (PLUA0U-0CK042)

    U205-S5068 (PLUA0U-0CK043)


    Toshiba Satellite Pro S300 Series

    S300-EZ2501 (PSSBAU-009005)

    S300-EZ2502 (PSSBAU-00D005)

    S300-S1001 (PSSBAU-005004)

    S300-S2503 (PSSBAU-004005)

    S300-S2504 (PSSBAU-00E005)

    Toshiba Satellite Pro S300M Series

    S300M-EZ2401 (PSSBEU-009004)

    S300M-EZ2402 (PSSBEU-007004)

    S300M-S2403 (PSSBEU-006005)

    S300M-S2405 (PSSBEU-00G004)


    Toshiba Tecra A10 Series

    A10-SP5801 (PTSB0U-00N00R)

    A10-SP5802 (PTSB3U-01F00V)

    PTSB0C-00Q00S, PTSB0C-00R00S, PTSB0C-00S00S, PTSB3C-MN209C, PTSB3C-MN409C, PTSB3U-01200X, PTSB3U-01V00W

    Toshiba Tecra A3X Series


    Toshiba Tecra A8 Series

    A8-EZ8312 (PTA83U-03202C)

    A8-EZ8313 (PTA83U-02V02C)

    A8-EZ8412 (PTA83U-03J02C)

    A8-EZ8413 (PTA83U-07U02C)

    A8-EZ8511 (PTA83U-0J004X)

    A8-EZ8512 (PTA83U-0F304U)

    A8-S8314 (PTA83U-02S021)

    A8-S8414 (PTA83U-03L021)

    A8-S8513 (PTA83U-0EQ021)

    A8-S8514 (PTA83U-0F6021)

    A8-SP4012 (PTA83U-03C020)

    A8-ST3612 (PTA83U-04702C)

    PTA83C-KF201E, PTA83C-KF201F, PTA83C-KF401E, PTA83C-KF401F, PTA83C-KF601E, PTA83C-KF601F, PTA83C-KF801E, PTA83C-KFT01E, PTA83U-097021, PTA83U-0P705N, PTA83U-0PU02C, PTA83U-0PV021, PTA83U-0R105M

    Toshiba Tecra A9 Series

    A9-S9012X (PTS52U-07Q01M)

    A9-S9013 (PTS52U-01Y002)

    A9-S9013X (PTS52U-07R01M)

    A9-S9015X (PTS53U-03K00M)

    A9-S9016 (PTS53U-01P00S)

    A9-S9017 (PTS53U-01N00R)

    A9-S9018V (PTS52U-0G9040)

    A9-S9018X (PTS52U-0ET01M)

    A9-S9019V (PTS52U-0GD040)

    A9-S9020V (PTS52U-0GE040)

    A9-S9020X (PTS52U-0FK01M)

    A9-S9021V (PTS53U-0HH00R)

    A9-SP4018 (PTS52U-01300H)

    A9-SP4028 (PTS52U-07N00H)

    A9-SP6803 (PTS52U-0EJ03M)

    A9-SP6804 (PTS52U-0FQ03U)

    PTS52C-MH109C, PTS52C-MH309C, PTS52C-MH409C, PTS52C-MH709C, PTS52U-021002, PTS52U-03201K, PTS52U-0C6037, PTS52U-0F501M, PTS53C-MJ109C, PTS53C-MJ209C, PTS53C-MJ509C, PTS53C-MJ709C, PTS53C-MJX09C, PTS53C-MJZ09C, PTS53U-047023, PTS53U-08M003, PTS53U-0DH003, PTS53U-0DT00M, PTS53U-0F900S, PTS53U-0GD00M, PTS53U-0PL00S

    Toshiba Tecra M10 Series

    M10-S1001 (PTMB3U-00X00X)

    M10-S3401 (PTMB3U-00W00X)

    M10-ST9110 (PTMB3U-00Y00Y)

    PTMB0C-00N00H, PTMB0C-00P00H, PTMB3U-03801L, PTMB3U-04100X, PTMB3U-041014, PTMB3U-04U014

    Toshiba Tecra M4 Series

    M4-SP625 (PTM42U-00C00J)

    M4-ST1112 (PTM42U-00C015)

    PTM42C-GG40TE, PTM42C-GG40TEF, PTM42U-01X02G, PTM42U-04H02J, PTM42U-08L02G, PTM42U-09C02H, PTM42U-0D002G

    Toshiba Tecra M5 Series

    M5-S433 (PTM51U-02P01P)

    M5-S4331 (PTM51U-0LD01P)

    M5-S4332 (PTM51U-12001P)

    M5-S4333 (PTM51U-121065)

    M5-S5331 (PTM50U-01H018)

    M5-S5332 (PTM50U-0PG018)

    M5-SP721 (PTM51U-01T01F)

    M5-ST1412 (PTM50U-01P01G)

    PTM50U-04001G, PTM50U-070019, PTM50U-0DU01X, PTM50U-0E9018, PTM50U-0K5018, PTM50U-0LC01X, PTM50U-0UE01X, PTM51C-0SR01E, PTM51C-LV101E, PTM51C-LV101EF, PTM51C-LV301E, PTM51C-LV401E, PTM51C-LV401EF, PTM51C-LV701E, PTM51C-LV701EF, PTM51C-LX301E, PTM51C-LX501E, PTM51C-LX501EF, PTM51U-03U01P, PTM51U-04501P, PTM51U-04501P59, PTM51U-05C01P, PTM51U-05C01P01, PTM51U-05C01P59, PTM51U-05W01P, PTM51U-07S01P, PTM51U-0CF051, PTM51U-0EQ01P, PTM51U-0EQ01P59, PTM51U-0F601P, PTM51U-0L103G, PTM51U-0MX051, PTM51U-0QU03G, PTM51U-0R203G, PTM51U-0SU01P, PTM51U-0U501P, PTM51U-0W001P, PTM51U-0W303G, PTM51U-0W5051, PTM51U-0WU01P, PTM51U-0XV01P, PTM51U-11K01P, PTM51U-15401P, PTM51U-15Q01P

    Toshiba Tecra M6 Series

    M6-EZ6612 (PTM60U-07U00F)

    M6-S6611 (PTM60U-003001, PTM60U-003001B)


    Toshiba Tecra M7 Series

    M7-S7311 (PTM70U-00D009)

    M7-S7331 (PTM70U-00C007)

    PTM70U-05900E, PTM70U-09T007, PTM71C-GH10TE, PTM71C-GH10TEF, PTM71U-01Q019, PTM71U-01R019, PTM71U-01S019, PTM71U-022019, PTM71U-02201G, PTM71U-02J019, PTM71U-052018, PTM71U-057019, PTM71U-05L018, PTM71U-06M018, PTM71U-070019, PTM71U-074018, PTM71U-078018, PTM71U-0E7018, PTM71U-0F9018, PTM71U-0GS019, PTM71U-0H1019, PTM71U-0JH019, PTM71U-0JP015, PTM71U-0QP019

    Toshiba Tecra M9 Series

    M9-S5507X (PTM90U-0CN041)

    M9-S5512 (PTM90U-03H015)

    M9-S5513 (PTM90U-020015)

    M9-S5514 (PTM91U-02P010)

    M9-S5514X (PTM91U-03G01S)

    M9-S5515 (PTM91U-03501T)

    M9-S5515X (PTM91U-06Y02K)

    M9-S5516X (PTM90U-09Y041)

    M9-S5518V (PTM91U-10L05Y)

    PTM90C-TG009C, PTM90C-TG309C, PTM90C-TG609C, PTM90C-TG709C, PTM90U-01K011, PTM90U-030012, PTM90U-04S01C, PTM90U-0D7045, PTM90U-0D8045, PTM91C-TG109C, PTM91C-TG309C, PTM91C-TG409C, PTM91C-TG509C, PTM91C-TG709C, PTM91U-07L01S, PTM91U-0HC02K, PTM91U-0PQ02K, PTM91U-0PY02K, PTM91U-0QQ02K, PTM91U-0RW02K, PTM91U-0WT010, PTM91U-0XH02W, PTM91U-0YC010, PTM91U-14G010, PTM91U-16L010

    Toshiba Tecra R10 Series

    R10-S4201 (PTRB3U-00N00T)

    Toshiba Tecra S10 Series

    A10-SP5802 (PTSB3U-01F00V)

    PTSB3C-MN209C, PTSB3C-MN409C, PTSB3U-01200X, PTSB3U-01V00W

    Toshiba Tecra S3 Series

    PTS30C-MT101E, PTS30C-MT201E, PTS30C-MT201EF, PTS30C-MT301E, PTS30C-MT501E, PTS30C-MT501EF, PTS30C-MTX01E, PTS30C-MTX01EF, PTS30U-00S00E, PTS30U-00S00F

    Toshiba Tecra S4 Series

    PTS40C-MC201E, PTS40C-MC301E, PTS40C-MC501E


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