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    AC 110V to 220V 50W converter

    AC 110V to 220V 50W converter

    AC to AC 110V to 220V voltage converter

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    max. 100W AC 110V to 220V travel converter supply by UNICELL in Singapore

    UNICELL a Leading IT power supply supplier in Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Philippines Brunei and Thailand since 1986 , we carry more the 66,000 model
    Order code : PI-2P50WA (100W AC 110V to 220V converter )
    110V to 220V Step-Up & Down Voltage Converter 100W Watt Transformer
    - Brand new and high quality,
    - Dual Channel Voltage Converter from 110/120V to 220/240V, also can change from 220/240V to 110/120V,
    - AC117V---AC230V switch
    - The maximum load power is 100W
    - Ideal for travelling to anywhere, very convenient
    - Color: White
    Make sure which voltage you need before used this adapter´╝îyou need to check the switchs' place at the bottom of the adapter
    That is:
    A, switch to AC117V, input voltage must be AC110/120V, voltage converter (output) AC220/240V
    B, switch to AC230V, input voltage must be AC220/240V, And change the voltage into (output) AC110/120V
    Attention: it will be broken with wrong operation, and we will not responsible for the wrong operation. If you are not use it need unplug it out!
    Fit or replace product model: (Cross refer or compatible chart )
    Unicell International is not affiliated in any way with any of the manufacturers listed in this catalogue and the batteries sold in this catalogue have not been sponsored or approved by any of such manufacturers. Any trademarks or model numbers listed in this catalogue are identified for compatibility or cross-reference purposes only

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