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    15V UG-W10 (Eveready 504 or NEDA 220) 15V Alkaline battery

    15V UG-W10 (Eveready 504 or NEDA 220) 15V Alkaline battery

    15V UG-W10 (Eveready 504 or NEDA 220) 15V Alkaline  battery

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    15V UG-W10 (Eveready 504 or NEDA 220) is an Alkaline replacement for the once-popular Zinc Chloride battery , Being an Alkaline battery , our replacement will last longer than the original. supply by UNICELL in Singapore

    UNICELL a Leading Supplier for Battery In Singapore Malaysia Indonesia and Thailand since 1986
    15V alkaline battery
    Diameter: 16 mm x height 35 mm + 1 , weight: 15g
    Unicell order code: UG-W10
    Fit or replace battery part no.
    ANSI 220 15V battery
    Burgess Y10 15V battery
    Burgess Y-10 15V battery
    Duracell M504 15V battery
    Duracell MN154 15V battery
    Eveready 504 15V battery
    Ever Ready B154 15V battery
    Energizer E504 15V battery
    Exell A220 15V battery
    Exell 504 / 220A 15.0 volts battery
    Fuji Electrochemical W10 15V battery
    Fuji Novel W10 15V battery
    Fujitsul W10 15V battery
    FDK W10 15V battery
    GP GP220A 15V battery
    IEC 10F15 15V battery
    Interstate Batteries ADRY1720
    Kodak KA74 15V battery
    Maxell BL-MV10 15V battery
    Mallory M505 15V battery
    NEDA 220 15V battery
    New Max BLR154 BL-W10 15V battery
    National Novel W10 15V battery (Matsushita Electric)
    Panasonic W10E battery
    Petrix NR74 15V battery
    Rayovac 220 15V battery
    Ray-o-vac 220 15V battery
    Rayovac BLR154 15V battery
    Unicell UG-W10 15V battery
    Varta V74PX 15Vbattery
    Varta V149U 15V battery
    BLR154 15V battery
    BA 332/U 15V battery
    BA332u 15V battery
    TR149 15V battery
    Toshiba Photo Flash W10 15V battery (Tokyo Shibaura)
    Product use in :
    AVO 71 Meter battery
    ·         AVO 73 Meter battery
    ·         Bang & Olufsen's 2500 battery
    ·         Beosystem 6000 battery
    ·         Beosystem 6002 battery
    ·         Beosystem 2400 ultrasonic remote control Commanders battery
    ·         Eberline SK-1 geiger counter amplifiers BA332/U battery
    ·         Feinwerkbau 90 ( FWB 90) air pistol. battery
    ·         Fox Micron P Alarm battery
    ·         Gossen Sixtron exposure meter battery
    ·         Lafayette multimeter 99-50841 battery
    ·         Micronta Multitester Volt/ohm multitester
    ·         Minox AG-1 flashgun battery
    ·         Morini CM84E CM84EL free pistol. battery (The Morini CM84E and CM84EL pistol the light emitting diode turned on all the time, so ensure you shut the switch off otherwise it will drain your battery.)
    ·         Morini 162E 162EI battery
    ·         Newark 03F7085 battery
    ·         Nikon BC-7 flash battery
    ·         Olsen TE-197P Multimeter battery
    ·         Patronic Volt/Ohm meter battery
    ·         Polaroid 202 flash guns battery
    ·         Ricohmatic 126 battery
    ·         Rollei 16S flashes battery
    ·         Simpson Midgetester 355 multimeter battery
    ·         Triplett Mulitmeter 310, 310 Meter battery
    Unicell International is not affiliated in any way with any of the manufacturers listed in this catalogue and the batteries sold in this catalogue have not been sponsored or approved by any of such manufacturers. Any trademarks or model numbers listed in this catalogue are identified for compatibility or cross-reference purposes only

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